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Think. Dream. Dement.

By the corner, she sat down, looked from afar, and stared at nowhere. She was looking at something static, but instead she was seeing thousands of moving objects, coming near, coming clean, going close, and going gone. On her mind are millions of memories; memories that never really happened. This is how her brain works. She overthinks, but it aint enough. Nothing seems to stop her, nothing seems enough for her.

She was away then, walking around tenths of people. She hurried up to come back to the place where she sees her non-existent memories. At one point she finally arrived, ecstatic of what she will see now, what she will feel and what she will believe. And she did. She saw, she dreamt, and I wonder why she believed. I wonder what made her think it will ever happen.  She believes in memories she has not experienced, she believes in her plans, in her dreams, and she continues to see what only she can see.

Now, I am thinking of what she’s thinking, I am trying to see what she is seeing, and I am trying to understand her convictions. I think about it all the time and I dream that one day I will realize. But until then, I am demented.


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