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You Come and Go

You come and go.

I told you I don’t want you but you always insist to come by.  When you visit me, I don’t have any other choice but to accompany you, be with you and bear with you.  I told you, I hate you. But still you come by. You hurt me, and hurt me more. You make me weak and sometimes I feel sick just being with you. I am hurt every time you’re with me. Sometimes, just thinking of you coming makes me feel weary.

And then, you left me and I was glad. But then again, I began to realize that I need you to visit me from time to time; to be with me, and bear with me. And at one point you will come again, and go at another. You come and go. One day not very soon, you will leave me and you won’t come back. I don’t know if by that time, I’ll still need you. But for now, I hate you and I want you out. Please go my dear monthly visitor. Farewell and till we meet again.

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