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Don’t pull away

the night is dark
the music played
we stood still
we’re both afraid
but this is all we got
this timing we barely had
now is all I ask
don’t pull away, don’t pull away
as we dream tonight

come closer, come here
look me in the eye
is it not clear
that this is not a lie
don’t pull away
not soon, not now
now is the day
our bodies allow
dear, your sweet smile
and your eyes that glow
the tender snuggles, the hands in chest
the hands so eager to undress
I can get drunk in the taste of your tongue
I’ll drown in you, I’ll be forever young

your soft little voice that makes me high
telling me to push my hand against your thigh
no, don’t stop
don’t pull away, you’re mine tonight

push your lips against mine
as I travel through your soul
the passion in every gasp
thrilled to reach the hole
We are entwined
I am enthralled
your pounding breath
caresses my neck
the power in our fingertips
stroking each others lips
hypnotic are your screams
that echo in my ears
don’t pull away, don’t pull away
just erase all fears

the night is so dark
that we even barely see
the next day the dogs will bark
will we remember how we’re free?
I love you
yes I do
I love you, that’s what I feel
a love that’s true but can’t be real

tonight is all we got
the timing that once we had
none secures, but it’ll be fine
so don’t pull away, for once, you’re mine.

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Don’t do it gently

If only I know a million words,
To tell you how much I long and care,
I would not wait for evening birds,
To sing you songs of my despair.

I lay in ruins of my deceit,
While you’re enjoying my defeat.
Helpless, I’m locked up in your fence,
Nothing about us ever made sense.

I tried to think of truth one day,
Refused to take these endless lies,
Managed to leave this sham soiree,
But drowned with fears of sad goodbyes.

My words are now engraved in gold,
The words that once were never told.
Words that say ‘I’m in love with you’,
Are words about rejection too.

So tell me ‘sorry’ and take a bow,
I’ll pack my bag and leave you freely.
If you’re gonna break my heart right now,
Do it, but please don’t do it gently.

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Running my fingers as my hand reaches yours
Thrilled while we listen to ‘Touch Me’ by ‘The Doors’
Spending time with you makes my heart beat like magic
Maybe you exist to correct all things tragic

But one night seems odd, something aint right
I got up in bed gently as I shook in fright
I asked you what’s wrong but you just kept quiet
As you subtly wiped those tears on your blanket

And so the seasons changed, this time it’s foggy
It’s inevitable for some days to be a bit gloomy
so the rain still pours and the sky isn’t blue
Why the rainbow wont appear, no one has a clue

Under nightfall for days, it seems lifelong
And then in your life, someone came along
I was thrown like a trash, I wasn’t worth a coin
I couldn’t get up, I got kicked in the groin

Looking back, I run my fingers in my head
Thinking about the times I woke up in your bed
Why was I fooled by someone cruel and strange
How come we love and suddenly be estranged?

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Vause in Jail

I’ll steal your heart; If I could, I would
But I failed to do what I think I should
Rebelled against my soul, I’d stay
Tricked by the things you do or say

Ashamed with whatever we had that’s myth
Everything was make-believe to begin with
Move forward, move on from this big mistake
There’s no point in waiting, our time’s at stake

So this is how the story will end
No more foolishness and play pretend
Or maybe I’ll just kill to end this tale
Hoping to find my Alex Vause in Jail

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So I heard you are leaving
You’ve made up your mind
Alone now I am grieving
There’s no one to find

All the dreams I have of you and me
Boathouse by the river, and the sea
One by one, they shatter and break
Gone is your silhouette by the lake

Seated by the fire, empty and stone-cold
The darkest secret that was never told
Written on paper that’s burnt to ashes
Seeing the light and yet the heart bruises

I want to hold you for one last time
But I’m imprisoned, love is a crime
I can’t escape this life so twisted
I guess I lose, it’s death I battled

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Your poetry

Every word you chose to say
Axes my heart in two
Every line that caused you pain
grieves me even if untrue.

Doesn’t matter how long it’s been,
or if dusk has shifted to dawn.
I sense you deep down my skin
even if all your angst has gone.
Ten or more years have passed,
yet your misery lingers on me.
When I thought your world has crushed,
I realized it’s treating you fairly.

My tears unite with your distress,
your passion unearthed your beauty.
Whatever caused you emptiness;
It captured my heart so quickly.

Your poetry is all I have;
enough to see your shadow.
Is it possible to fall in love
the moment I felt your sorrow?

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Who told you that I love you?

Who told you, I love you,
coz I’ll never really do?
You don’t even matter to me
your existence, I never see.

Who told you, I like you,
when I disgust everything you do?
Whenever I spot your shadow,
I urge to strike you with a longbow.

Who told you, I care for you?
I worry not if you bid adieu.
You can go on with your life,
and find yourself a wife.

So who told you, I love you?
I’ll slice his head in two
coz this bitterness I feel
brings me desire to kill.

But whoever told you that I love you
pat his back, coz it is true
that even if I hide my distraught,
it is always you behind my thoughts.

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Our alternate ending

There is a story I am in, wonders I’ve never seen
Happiness on my fingertips; nothing is worth for keeps
Insurgence I wanted, romance I distorted
Desired to chase down grief; a body off the cliff

The world plays with me; this time I can see
Now my life has an alternate ending; it is with you that’s worth spending

There is a story you are in, wonders you’ve always seen
Sadness lingers in your soul; a being that’s never whole
You found your way out, from someone’s life that’s burnt out
You run and hide but wept, at least your own you kept

The world plays with you; the terrors you can subdue
Now your life has an alternate ending; it is with me that’s worth spending

There is a story we are in, wonders left unseen
Blankness in both our heads; love that’s tangled in threads
A body off the cliff, another soaked in grief
To run, to hide, to weep; nothing left to keep

The world plays with us; lives are back to an empty canvas
Now our love has an alternate ending; together, life’s worth spending

This story that we are in, tossed our love within
Sadness, happiness, and blankness; lives are full of emptiness
Then this fantasy gave us hope; a chance to at last elope
The story changed its chapter, will there be a happy ever after?

Now the world plays with our story; a chance that’s given barely
So if our love has an alternate ending, would we be together and marry?

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Deaths on earth

Have you ever seen the stars so bright,
And wonder why her eyes match right?

Have you ever touched her hair so soft,
And wish you could lay her down at the loft?

Have you ever effortlessly smelled the breeze,
And remember how she used to freeze?

Have you ever heeded as she speak the word,
And regret why they were left unheard?

Have you ever felt the dusk on your skin,
And question why you can still feel?

Have you ever stopped and stared one day,
And long to turn back time someday?

Have you ever woke up and thought of her,
And hope some deaths on earth defer?

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In the Water, I Can Breathe.

I woke up from my sleep as I choke under the sheets.
I stood up, opened the window and felt no wind on my skin.
I went out to the woods and stared at the dark bluish sky.
Nothing I can see but the form of a doubting troubled eye.

I sighed. I gasped. I tried to catch my breath.
But every air is gone, as if there is really none.

I’m strangled. I throttled. I trembled down my spine
I run and I tried to escape,
This awful life I couldn’t take.

There I was, so alone in the woods
With doubts in my mind, there I stood

Then I saw a flowing river
I wheeze as I reach the water
I felt its breeze that comforted me
I drowned myself but then I see
Under the water, there is life
In the water, that’s my life.

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Do I stare that much?

I don’t like your look;
I don’t even care about you.
I don’t really like to stare
but I just have to.

You are boring, but you are bright
You are quiet and it aint right
Staring at you is my weakness
But I have no choice, you bring me sickness.

Because of you, twice as much I blink
You bring me headache, and I can’t think.
Do you think I stare too much at you?
For me to be as sick as you made me to.

Oh dear monitor, can I just shut you off?
And let me just rest in my wonderful loft.

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Eyes Wide Shut

 Eyes wide shut,
wandered in pain.
blinded by darkness,
the evil prevails.
Laughing Satan;
god of violence,
the lady trembles;
in misery,- forsake.
Rapacious this god;
amity and lust,
neither love nor affection,
only demon’s possession

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The sound after the other

One by one…
A sound after the other.
There’s a battle to be won,
What would turn out after?

One sound from the corner,
One sound by the door.
Whichever sound would reign
It’s still the sound of pain.

Now, the decibels are rising,
Seems someone is already winning
There you go, a very loud noise
Even the princess lost her poise.

These sounds are deafening,
But they just won’t stop.
I wonder what is happening,
Why all the terrible cough?

Written coz all people in the office are sick! Can we go home now….. please?

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This is not what a man should feel;
Emotions kill the deluded;
And if he allows its flow,
The body of the jaded shall vanish.
Denial causes deceit,
Silence denotes hatred,
Holding back is painful,
But to kill the dead is to kill the living.
Regret is forever;
Hidden beyond the truth behind the lies,
A mockingbird blooded in vain;
Wounds could not be healed;
Weakening desire,
Emptying their souls,
A man shall stand and assail them all.
Wipe the tear,
Shed the pain,
Stop this feeling,
Stop the rain,
Take an action, make a move.
Forever won’t last,
Yesterday had passed.

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